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$1.50 per linear foot. No extra charge for down spouts. Always safe. Always tied off. Always good people on your roof. Call 801 636 0969. I clean your roof like it was mine. I make sure it won't clog up from leaves or anything that might later slide into the gutter from higher on the roof. Why? Because I guarantee your gutter will not plug up for 12 months. In fact, even if something beyond your control clogs your gutter I will clear it free of charge within 24 hours and with a target of 8 hours. And a policy of immediately going to your job before any other job. That is my no-clog guarantee. SO IT IS TO MY ADVANTAGE TO DO EACH JOB PERFECTLY TO PREVENT THE COST OF A RETURN VISIT. I started doing gutter cleaning for Community Solutions about five years ago. That has been in both Utah County and Salt Lake County. Sometimes they'll have me do 100 units or more all at once. Part of the reason that I think they use me is because I guarantee my work for one year. That means if there is a clog for any reason I will clear it within 24 hours with a target of 8 hours. Affordable, guaranteed gutter cleaning. $1.50 per linear foot. No extra charge for downspouts. All work guaranteed for one year. Even if something beyond your control happens to plug up the rain gutter. Call about discounts for communities. Window cleaning. $2.50 / surface. 25 years of experience. Windows done correctly are super satisfying and stay cleaner longer. 24-hour rain guarantee. If we find out there has been rain I will call you. Window cleaning priced by the pane is more affordable. Call Brian 801-636-0969

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